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Become a Billionaire in Under a Minute – Guaranteed! *

What a load of ***!***!!!

Take a minute to check your Facebook feed and you’ll find that because you watched a Law of Attraction clip in 2003 and happened to like Rich Dad Poor Dad, every advert you now see promises you untold riches, happiness, a millionaire mindset, brain hacking and dream life possibilities.

And you guessed it….it’s a load of complete crap!

While yes, there’s much truth in the fact that our outlook creates our reality and often what we focus on continues to grow, so much of our need to live that “dream life” is deeply rooted in an ingrained sense of unworthiness and a self-created desire for safety and happiness that we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe will come from an outside source.


While it’s great and at times fun to dabble in these philosophies, as at their core are some beautiful “truths” about our connection to life and our innate ability to co-create our lives, at The Hero’s Academy we prefer tangible steps that help us live in alignment with this wonderful magical universe and experience the most exciting and fun life possible.

So here is the The Hero’s Academy guide to self-mastery in 4 “easy” steps:

      1) Self-Acceptance

This is huge (uuuuge) and at its core is lovingly accepting every emotion, feeling and everything you experience along the way.  Kindness to yourself is so key and this combined with positive self-talk and gentleness within is the backbone and the “magic” formula to all spiritual/emotional growth and really any form of lasting external success.  

With a sense of kindness within, life becomes a much more soft and joyous experience and our levels of happiness and ability to really create our lives “moon!” big time. 

      2) Listening to the calling of your heart

So much of our lives are full of shoulds.  And as the saying goes…”you’ll end up should-ing all over yourself.” I should fit in, I should toe the line, I should take the comfortable option, I should, I should, I should….

While of course we should live a moral life that honours those around us, living your shoulds in other ways almost guarantees a life of mediocrity.

The scariest thing I’ve heard recently was that when we die we meet the version of ourselves we could have become.  That in itself should be horrifying enough to fire up the old engines.

No-one has been born to be average!

We’re here to love, to celebrate, to be kind, to hurt, to grow, to experiment, to dance….

In you is something so vital, so beautiful that wants to reveal itself to the world. 

Live it! Do it broheim! Rock it!

       3) See what works and be malleable 

When we take an objective look at “how we do” life becomes a beautiful playground and we can learn so much when we detach from the need for specific results.

“Man plans while God laughs!”

And while we must look genuinely hilarious from above, listening to the feedback life is giving you moment to moment and realigning accordingly is a magic magic key for sure!

Check list: your delivery, your motives, your knowledge base, your communication levels and your greatest monitor of all – how people are responding to you.

When we look up a little and soften to the ebbs and flows of life, we can begin to self-direct and definitely become much much happier! 

       4) Presence

This is really a combination of all the 3 above.  When we are really kind to ourselves, are living our hearts calling and always looking to refine our delivery we are in essence bringing all of ourselves into everything we do.  This is literally magic…and is what’s known as living on purpose. 

When we do this life takes on a wonderful quality.  Our connections improve, we feel more in control and yet happily surrendered to the flow of life.  We find more profound connections and opportunities and ultimately we truly begin to serve.

Mastery is a huuuuge topic and so too is that of self-acceptance.

Above are four steps that have helped so many members of our team and we hope you like them!

At The Hero’s Academy we know we don’t have all the “answers” but we are listening, feeling and celebrating our way through life and we’re really happy you’re here!

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