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“Chill Winston!” A Guide to Mindfulness-ish

Holy Sh*t!

How stressed are you?

In between turmeric shots, yoga classes and fire ceremonies how did it all get so stressy?

We’re on a green and blue planet in the middle of nothingness, literally infinite space and we’ve found ourselves on a magic ball of love, joy, sex, opportunity, growth, family, possibility, and hip hop.

And yes…

99% of us are so stressed out and at the very least taking it all a bit seriously.

“It’s a mad ting!”

We hear you cry, and yes it certainly is.

It all seems to be super head related, we are so up in our minds rather than the wisdom and calm of the body that we’re totally stressing ourselves out.  So we thought we’d list some great ways to “Chill Winston!”

1) Meditation

Yup, that old chestnut.

We’ve all downloaded the Headspace app, done day 1, felt holier than thou and well, stopped there.  We promise you this, meditation is the magic key, it’s literally a necessity in this crazy crazy life and will certainly help you to get out of your head and start living again!  Check some out on YouTube, it’s always a great starting point and we’ve also got some great free ones here….

2) Get outta town!

We all need a break from the day to day and while we’re certainly not encouraging you to pull a sickie (well no more than your legal requirement) we certainly suggest lots of time away from the crazy of the city and connecting to mother nature in all of her glory.

Check some options out online, grab a car and get out of the city….it’s literally magic.

“Look boss, it’s an actual cow!”

3) Exercise


Literally gold.

Swim, run, TRX, whatever you love, do it!

It’s so good to calm the mind and get back in your body. 

Try literally just 30 minutes a day Monday to Friday and just get fat on the weekend.


4) Earth Yourself

This about this: how often between home, gym, work, travel and all your activities do you actually come into physical contact with the earth?

Probably not that much!

The earth herself has a powerful magnetic field and by taking off our shoes standing on and even lying on the earth if we’re feeling all that daring, we literally drink in all her magic goodness.

Literally do it! Check her out!

This is called earthing ourselves and it’s so good for you!

5) Sex

Oooohh you big cheeky.

Sex is so important and so so good for us, but so many have such a “thing” with it.

Lots of great, loving, amazing sex is the call of the day.

Love it! 

Sex is literally the reason we’re all here and is the biggest driver on planet earth.  Not only does it ensure the continuation of the species (quite important) but it has so many health benefits for body and mind, get in team! 

Getting out of our heads and into our bodies is the call of the day and is so healthy for all of us.

In fact is a necessity!

We wish you an amazing day peeps! 

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