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Do what scares you! This is Big-ish!

We’re currently sitting in The Hero’s Academy office, chatting about our goals and aims.  We always ask a really important question whenever we’re about to launch anything new, which is…

“What is the greatest vision here and how do we make it most accessible?”

Asking questions like that opens the mind to an almost infinite array of possibilities while also keeping our feet deeply planted in reality and the present moment.  (check it out – it’s a freebie team!)

What also comes up very readily with all of our desire to grow is what’s known as “our stuff!”

One of our main aims at The Hero’s Academy is to help all members of the community become luminaries, essentially a shining light in their own lives – we love that!

However, while we were talking earlier it really dawned on us that…

“If we’re asking people to become luminaries, then we have to become luminaries ourselves!!!”

While that is such a beautiful element of everything we’re rocking with at The Hero’s Academy it’s also really scary.  Within all of us there seems to be a battle between the part that says “I love myself, I’m a gift to this life and I will shine my light no matter what and even the judgement of others will just spur me on” and the part that says “ Fu*k that, duvet and chocolate time, who am I do even think that I can….”

Welcome one and all to the classic battle between the infinite love and power of the heart and the deeply conditioned fear of the mind.

Much of our self-created personality fears our greatness so much, feels it will be left behind and that the thin veneer of our self/front/mask will be exposed by the bright light of living our real truth.  We seem therefore to dance between both camps, never quite hitting the notes in life our hearts know we are capable of.

So, what to do?

Change can come in an instant, we all love a good paradigm shift where our beliefs about life or a certain aspect of life change in a moment.  However, most change is gradual, kind and inclusive.  

So, a great word here is….Just

In AA they talk about not drinking, Just for today.

This is known as chunking down and it’s full of amazing wisdom.

It’s doesn’t matter if we are:

  • Wanting more success
  • To lose weight
  • Be more kind to our friends and families 
  • Become a shining light in our lives etc etc

Life becomes much easier, if it’s just for today.

It becomes even easier if it’s just for the period of a meeting, a chat, a phone call, a moment with someone we love.

It’s when we chunk down to bite size portions of our day and actively choose to bring all of ourselves into every moment that we begin to master ourselves and self-direct our lives.  

“Just for this workout i’m going to bring all of me into the gym” then the next moment, the next and the one after that.  This is living with presence, living fully in the moment and it’s really powerful! 

What we are conditioning ourselves to do is to live our best lives, moment to moment, little steps that becomes over time our habits and thus become our lives.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” as the saying goes and if our hearts can lead our minds gently and consistently, it’s amazing how much we can achieve in small, powerful increments and how well we can do it!!

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