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I love to express myself fully and I’ve never enjoyed adhering to conventional expectations of me. As I look back over the timeline of my life, from a young age, to my partying days and now over 10 years in clinic, I see that the key for me is in celebrating this wonderful life, truly living on purpose, that’s what makes my soul sing.


I don’t just have a coaching and mentoring practice as a business, I love this path more than I could ever express. I work on myself every day, always excitedly finding ways to develop my strengths and to embrace all of my trigger points as they reveal themselves.


I’ve spent over 10 years working in the corporate world, running an event management company in central London and so I really do understand the pressures many of my clients experience. I am now a master of 5 schools of Reiki, a fully qualified life coach, NLP and Advanced Psych-K practitioner and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them live the greatest vision of their lives.


This path has been calling to me all of my life and my Hero’s journey began when I chose to “burn the boats” of my former life and step onto this path, without reservation and ultimately to live and breathe my practice.


I’m 100% committed to my work, I love it and I welcome you wholeheartedly to The Hero’s Academy.


I’m looking forward to meeting you,



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