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How Bruce Lipton introduced me to Psych-K


One of the biggest issues I feel we all face as humans is how much we hold ourselves back from the lives we know we can be living.  Often, we are quick to blame our circumstances, the people in our lives and even life itself for outcomes we feel are less than desirable, but it's when we realise that we are creating our own reality from the inside out do things really start to change.

One of the first steps on the path of self-mastery is taking full and total responsibility for our experience of life and this is written about the world over in all of our great texts but there's always been a missing piece of the puzzle.  Simply put, when we realise we are creating the results we get, then, what do we do about it?

This is why finding Bruce's teachings over the last few years has been such a gift.

Firstly, Bruce is a wonderful teacher and is totally heart lead which I love.  The key in all forms of expression has to be authenticity and captain Bruce has this by the bucket load!  He is both genuine and kind and the information he delivers is very easily digestible and easy to apply. What I found in his teachings to be hugely interesting is the role the subconscious mind has in the creation of the beliefs we hold about life and thus the results we get every day.

Bruce teaches that the subconscious does 95% of our thinking and works at a million times the speed of the conscious mind! If this is so, and we create our beliefs about life from a very young age, it's no wonder that we keep getting the same results time and time again for the majority of our lives.  

And so we have to ask our second – how do I change up my beliefs and get the results I want?

The answer to this question was where my whole life changed!

Bruce led me to the study of Psych-K, a beautiful and powerful way of reprogramming beliefs about life, ourselves and what we are capable of.  Just the idea of this as a possibility felt like the biggest gift and it was a huge turning point for me.  

What's wonderful about psych-k is that you can feel the belief change in session, there's a physicality to it.  Once we feel the shift, statements and beliefs that once felt a distant reality now feel “true” in the body and from that point on we begin to see completely different outcomes as our minds begin to create a life aligned with these new, more enhancing beliefs.

I was so moved by my first experiences and the results I was seeing so quickly that I knew I had to learn the and add them to my practice.  Psych-K is now one of the fundamental teaching I use in the The Hero's Academy to help clients really get the results they most want in the world.  

are all focused on helping you “walk your Hero's Journey” and together we will look at the life you most want and align all of your beliefs with that ideal so you begin from our first session to create it as your reality.  We are all born with greatness within us, a calling and I find clients that really engage in the work are ready to live their greatness in the world! 

Life is unlimited and it's time to really start living it up! 

I'm looking forward to connecting with you, 



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