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Individual coaching – A Question of Money?

Are you one of the people who think that the rates charged by an individual coach are too expensive? Have you ever considered working with an individual coach to carry out a project that you have been dreaming about for years and has not yet been achieved or you want to achieve a goal that is important to you? But you can’t because you think that the prices are too high?

Why use an individual coach?

Maybe you are experiencing some frustrations in your career path or in your life course. So you read books and searched the internet, and were then told that an individual coach could help you focus on what’s important to you and clarify your needs and aspirations.

You may be a leader, a leader who has organisational challenges and thinks he or she has tried everything without the desired success. You may also be experiencing difficulties with your partner and have heard that an individual coach can help you revive your relationship in 3 months?

Despite your everyday frustrations, your procrastination to take action, your fear of failing or being judged, your state of stress and helplessness, the perception that individual coaching is too expensive, slows down your desire to evolve and propel you towards a better orientation of yourself.

The price of individual coaching – A question of perception!

When you decide to spend your money to buy a new piece of clothing, a new phone, a new pair of shoes, a new car or go on a trip, how much does it cost? Regardless, your perception is that you have something concrete to show and/or watch.

What to take into consideration is that when you choose to invest in your own personal development and professional career with a life coach, the results are also tangible, as you will be able to see what your new approach is doing to impact you and your environment.

And even more, unlike the object you have bought, the well-being that you will have acquired by the individual coaching will be permanent.

Yes, but individual coaching is expensive!

Everything is relative in the perception of the tariff of individual coaching. Indeed, it’s expensive compared to what? In fact, ask yourself the following question: “How long will the objects for which I enjoy spending my money, fill my sense of satisfaction?”

Even when spending on new things, new objects that at the time bring you little internal happiness, these are not permanent. Additionally, they probably cost you a lot of money as well.

The price of individual coaching 

You’ll probably agree that any athlete can work very well alone during his career. But we also know that without an individual coach, these athletes would have difficulty reaching a higher level of competition, improving their accelerated talent, increasing their level of motivation, increasing their level of skill development, and accomplishing their ambitious goals.

In the personal and professional life, it’s a bit the same thing that happens. You can work very well alone in your desire to accomplish and overcome your difficulties, but when you work with a coach, it’s like having an engine on your boat; you’ll be quicker to get where you want to be.

The question is: “Is your personal and professional development a priority for you? ”

If so, go ahead, go for it and work with a coach, you deserve it!

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