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Life Coaching in London – Welcome to my website, I’m really pleased you’re here.

Life in London is amazing, it’s such a gift to live here.  The city is electric and culturally London is now seen as the most mixed and diverse capital in the world and I love it!

While so many of us are focused on our material successes, which are very important; there are incredibly high levels of stress and anxiety everywhere we look, and these can be seen to be created often by two key factors:

  • We’ve externalised our locus of control – essentially our levels of happiness derive from our achievements and the opinions of others rather than our internal levels of self-acceptance and love.

  • We’ve become so focused on improving our lives materially and forgotten to imbue our day to day activities with a true sense of meaning, which are unique to each person.


The key therefore in all of our coaching sessions together will be to build from the inside out, to look fundamentally at you relationship with yourself and then to find your “why”, your true reason for being and to live and create from this deeper space of self.

This is when life starts to feel much more golden!


Life is as exciting and joyous as we believe it to be and that in essence is the key to raising our levels of success in the world. Life is subjective experience, we are literally creating our own reality and it’s when we start to open up to new ways of seeing ourselves, the world and what’s possible that everything starts to change dramatically.

While every client I see is unique there are 3 key stages to our work together:

Belief change – this is the one! Using Psych-K and NLP we can literally realign your subconscious mind with the most enhancing and positive beliefs of your choosing.  All the decisions we make in life are from our past conditioning and when we add in empowering beliefs everything starts to change up right from the first session

Consciousness – Using meditative and mindfulness practice we’ll help you to start living from a deeper space of self and what’s interesting is that when we give our minds the break they deserve, they actually start to function better. We also start to make decisions from this more profound space of knowing and life takes on a far richer quality.

Vision – this is where we will see the results of the all the work we do together. Once we have aligned your beliefs, stated living from a deeper space within, we’ll look at what your ideal life looks like and the best most exciting steps to get you there.  Rather than creating out of need, we’ll be designing your life from a place of fullness and possibility!

Booking an appointment is easy.  Sessions are held in my clinic in Primrose Hill on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between 2pm and 9pm and on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at people’s homes in central London or online anywhere in the world.

Sessions are £250 for 90 minutes.

I always suggest we have an initial chat first to get a better understanding of what you’re looking for and run through any questions you have.


I’ve worked as a Life coach in London for over a decade and before that I ran my own events company in central London, so I can totally relate to the stresses many of my client’s experience.  I really enjoyed the events world, but it was in life coaching that I’ve truly found my niche.

I’m a certified life coach, advanced Psych-k practitioner, NLP practitioner and a master of 5 schools of Reiki and we will draw from all of these schools of learning in our sessions together.

I’m really drawn to open and creative mindsets.  Clients that would love to change to world or wish to live with great purpose and want to bring cheekiness and fun back into our post-corona landscape.  My life and my practice always exude possibility and joy and while I feel we are here to embrace every emotion that comes up; our levels of joy and success are down to our outlook, and how much we do with the experience we are given is always up to us!

My clients range from heads of business and corporate lawyers to actors, artists and restauranteurs.  Our core work in each session will be to find all the elements in your life that are holding you back and replace them with the confidence and knowingness that everything you desire can be yours, and the journey to creating your ideal life can be filled with joy and lightness of being.

What happens during a life coaching session?

Life coaching sessions always take a unique form dependent upon the client, however, the key to good coaching is to really look deeply at the subconscious patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and to look to change them up from the first session.

Often, a great way to do this is to chat through in each appointment all the areas of your life that you feel aren’t hitting the notes you want and then look more deeply at why.  It’s usually our conditioning from a young age playing itself out and once this is discovered we can take steps to realign your beliefs so that your mind immediately starts to create new and improved results in the world.

Once we are in a deeper alignment, the greater vision for your life will start to reveal itself and we can plan the steps needed to make this your reality.

Every appointment will focus on a powerful process of unfoldment that feels wonderful, because when we are showing up for life from a place of personal integrity and self-acceptance everything starts to feel and look very different!


How does Life Coaching differ from traditional therapies?

I’m a huge fan of many different types of therapies, but for me, Life Coaching in London is certainly the most dynamic and exciting.  Classic psychotherapy as an example looks to unravel all our issues from childhood and can be very beneficial at key times in our lives.

Life coaching, however, looks more to what you do want in your life rather than what you don’t and most importantly how you can go about getting it.

And again, while creating a dream life is ideal, the magic keys are always internal and it’s in your relationship with yourself and thus life that the greatest sense of true joy is created.

For many of us there is almost a need to chase happiness.  That we all work ourselves to the bone and design ideal outcomes to feel a certain way.  But happiness itself is illusive and we can often feel many emotions at the same time.  A genuine sense of integrity and joy is created when

we are living our purpose in the world and this is exactly where we’re going to work together.


To arrange a chat, please complete the form below.

Alternatively you can call me on  +44 (0)7949 056 111  or email me at 

    What should you expect from sessions?

    There are few really important elements to mention here:


    • There is complete anonymity, this is key for many of my clients who for some having space to express themselves is hugely important, especially if they run big businesses or are in the public eye.
    • The space we create together is always for you highest good and by this, I mean that every appointment we book will centre around what is most beneficial for you and the next step on your journey.
    • While the sessions are deep and often life changing, they are always held in the space of lightness and celebration which I feel is most conducive to personal growth.
    • What I hear from many of my clients is they very quickly start to live from a far deeper space and become excited to be ever more open and honest with the people in their lives.
    • Our big focus once we’ve looked at the internal work is to make sure all the most important areas of your life really start to take off and the results you get are in alignment with your true purpose.
    • Success is of course unique to each client and we will look at exactly what your ideal is and help you start to build that from our first session


    How to choose the best Life Coaching in London?

    That’s a simple one, it’s all about how you feel when you connect with your coach.  The truth is, this works both ways.  It’s really important that when we chat, we feel we will have a positive and buoyant working relationship.  One where neither party are walking on eggshells.

    We all have so much potential to live incredible lives and to do this we have to be able to look at our own “stuff” and want to change it up.

    Where you are now is the sum total of your conditioning both useful and not and with these powerful processes we literally change the programming of you mind to make sure you start getting even more successful results but to do this we need to be malleable, open, and desiring change.

    I’m always really happy to chat through the process on a call first, before we schedule an appointment and see what we think is best.

    How successful will life coaching make you?

    This is totally up to you.  I love to work with clients that are up for change both inside and out.  That desire is the key to it all.  We have to want to change up how we live our lives each day and how we’re showing up in the world.

    Our sessions will focus on your internal programming and then taking action in alignment with your highest ideals and if this sings to you then let’s chat and see what we think is the best next step.

    Once we are living our calling and opening up to the magic of life, one this I can assure you, is that there’s no other game in town!

    To book at appointment, you can fill in the form below or email/call on:

    +44 (0) 7949 056111

    I look forward to chatting!

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