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Are you stuck at home or in the office? Have little availability? Or, quite simply, are you feeling geographically distant from everyone?

Distance coaching by Skype or Zoom is a brilliant and effective way for me to support you with both professional coaching or life coaching.

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Coaching during the Coronavirus epidemic

Distance coaching by Skype or Zoom is just as effective and especially useful during the epidemic as everyone is stuck at home because of Coronavirus. If you have time, this period can be a wonderful opportunity to take stock of your professional or personal development levels and also to resolve any difficult or complex situations at work or in your personal life.

My approach to online coaching is exactly the same as face-to-face coaching, whether it’s life coaching or corporate coaching. Super easy to set up, Zoom/Skype sessions are focused on talking through the situation, finding the best solutions; and we can certainly look at belief change sessions that have a wonderful effect on our future successes.

Distance and online life coaching UK, online coaching via skype

There might be lots of distance between everyone but this is certainly not an obstacle to your well-being!  We can definitely support your personal and professional growth by videoconference (via Zoom/Skype) and it’s just as effective as face-to-face coaching.

It’s very easy to contact me by phone to arrange an appointment and I’ll send you all the links necessary so we can jump on a Zoom call.

We’ll have an initial chat on the phone and find the perfect time for our session.

All Zoom/Skype coaching requires is a good internet connection, a quiet place and a time completely free of professional and / or personal obligations, essentially some really important “me time”. Online sessions can alternate with face-to-face sessions once all the crazy is over!

During remote coaching, the sessions have the same flow and focus as a conventional session. We’ll be able to look at any areas of your life that are most important to you and look at your key beliefs systems making sure they are supporting the outcomes you most want.

A coaching session by Zoom/Skype or by phone can be great as you are in a familiar environment, which can encourage a really open and relaxed state of mind and lead to really profound changes.

The Benefits of Skype Coaching

– Time savings: no travel or hold ups due to transportation

– Flexible hours from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

– Geographical accessibility! We can work anywhere in the world!

– We can focus deeply on your belief systems

– Sometimes the distance can add a level of extra confidence to the sessions

How to build self-confidence – what we can focus on

– Having the confidence to say and do all you want in the world

– Reducing your fears

– Knowing how to say no – such an important skill!

– Manage stress at work

– Create a positive self-image

– Prepare for an interview, press release or competition

– Develop your feeling of legitimacy and authenticity

– Get over past failures

– Let go of procrastination

– Overcome emotional blocks

Improve your communication – Areas of great importance we can look at

– Always having the right words to say

– Dare to say what you think and feel

– Speaking in public

– Positive self-image

– Creating positive relationships

– How to leave a difficult relationship or conflict

– Finding new harmonious relationships

– Improving the impact of your communication

– Being comfortable in your verbal and non-verbal communication

Managing stress, improving well-being at work / work-life balance

– Find meaning in your life, living your true calling!

– Putting positive energy back into your work

– Managing stress at work

– Managing time and priorities

– Balancing your work and personal life

– Overcoming failure or fear of success

– Lightening your mental load

– Avoiding burnout

– Getting out of limiting routines and isolation

– Increasing your well-being at work.

Making a successful transition

– Preparing for change in your professional or personal life

– Managing internal mobility, taking up a new position

– Bouncing back during/after a reorganization

– Looking for a new job

– Successful retirement planning

– Developing a personal project

– Improving your social life

– Entering a new stage in your life

– Bouncing back from a delicate or painful situation

– Taking advantage of change.


– Changing jobs

– Accessing more responsibilities, taking on a new position

– Managing conflicts

– Improving your communication

– Managing stress better

– Changing your environment

Advice for the development of distance life coaching

– Always find a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed

– Bring several sheets of paper or find a book you’d love to write in

– Also bring pens / pencils

If possible, do a little test beforehand on the quality of your connection, sound and image.

Why consider coaching by Skype?

Although most of the time we all prefer face-to-face contact, I’ve been looking after clients all over the world for over 10 years and the essence of the sessions is exactly the same and the results just as effective.

In this period where we all have to slow down it’s a great opportunity to take stock of your life and the meaning you give to it. You may also want to use this time to think about your future or look for ways resolve a problematic situation.

Distance coaching is a brilliant way to look at any questions relating to your private life or your professional sphere. More than an alternative solution, Zoom/Skype coaching is really a plus in many cases.

I use this solution regularly with my clients, either because they are unable to travel, or they are super busy with family or business.

And the feedback from customers is unanimous: that sessions work just as effectively as in my clinic in Primrose Hill.


100%, online coaching allows you to work with your coach, wherever you are, anywhere in the world!

And even if you move, we’re good to go!


I’m working online Monday to Friday, 8am until 9pm GMT which covers most time zones.


There’s certainly something great about being focused on your goals and dreams from the comfort of your own home! Zoom/Skype allow us to work almost any time, even from your own coach!


Since you don’t have to travel, online sessions will give you more freedom to devote time to your personal development. We can plan it at the best time of the day for you: during your lunch break, just before your evening meal, even during your professional trip abroad, on vacation, when your children are in bed…

Distance coaching sessions are totally flexible and can work around your availability.


In order to protect your privacy and the confidentiality I wholeheartedly respect the code of ethics and everything we discuss stays in the session.

During the sessions, I’ll suggest you settle down comfortably and in a quiet place.

Remembering to switch off your phone and emails so you can be fully present in session.

Online distance coaching

Distance coaching by Zoom/skype or by phone is the ideal solution if you live far from London or if you’re not always available.

It is just as effective as coaching in my office.

Depending on your choice, the first session can be done remotely or face to face at my office in London.

Book a distance coaching session – How to book a Coaching session remotely

Check my availability by contacting me by email () or by phone +44 (0)7949 056 111

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