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Are you living in Fulham eager to find solutions to personal problems? Do you wish to get started on a personal journey and want a trusted companion along the way? Enter life coaching! My life coaching sessions are designed to provide support, guidance, and the right skills to make this journey smoother and more beneficial. But how does this work?

The Life Coaching Session Process

The life coaching session starts with a thoughtful conversation aimed at understanding your desires, frustrations, and expectations. We delve into the issues at hand, breaking them down piece by piece. This is a safe space where open communication is fostered, and the essence of the problem gets uncovered. Over the course of subsequent sessions, we work together to tailor effective strategies and practical tools that you can apply to surmount these issues.

Expected Results of Life Coaching

Life coaching is all about transformation. Before the sessions, you might be feeling stuck or overwhelmed with multiple aspects of your life. After our sessions, however, you will start to see substantial changes in:

  • Your sense of identity and self-awareness
  • Improvement in emotional regulation and mental health
  • Enhanced confidence and abilities
  • Better relationships with others
  • Ability to achieve personal and professional goals

Focused Personal Issues for Life Coaching

Life coaching cater to a wide array of issues – including time management, mental health, relationships, career counselling, goal-setting, self-esteem, stress management, and more. Whatever your struggle might be, together, we will work out a plan to overcome it.

Who Can Benefit from Life Coaching?

Life coaching works for anyone in any walk of life, whether you're a teenager struggling with school pressure, a professional feeling unsatisfied with your career, or a retiree searching for a new purpose in life. Everyone can benefit from a better understanding of themselves and the positive changes that the life coaching process incurs.

Duration of the Life Coaching Session

The standard life coaching session is approximately 60 minutes long. The whole coaching process generally spans several weeks or months according to individual needs and goals.

Contraindications of Life Coaching

Life coaching is a psychological but non-medical approach to personal growth. It is not a substitute for psychiatric consultation, medication or therapy. If you are dealing with severe mental health issues, it is recommended to consult a mental health professional. A life coach can help you supplement that, but should not replace it.

FAQ About Life Coaching

Is life coaching the same as therapy?

No, life coaching and therapy are different. Therapy may focus more on resolving past trauma and deep emotional issues. While life coaching can root in past issues but focuses more on the present and the future to help realize personal and professional goals.

Is confidentiality maintained in life coaching sessions?

Yes, just like therapy, confidentiality is guaranteed in life coaching. What is discussed in the session will stay between the coach and the client.

Is there any age limit for life coaching?

No, there is no age limit. Life coaching can begin at any age when you feel ready for change.

How many sessions will I require?

The number of sessions may depend on your specific needs, goals and how quickly you can progress. Usually, a couple of weeks to a few months of regular sessions are recommended.

Can the sessions be done online?

Yes, in light of current circumstances, all sessions are also available online for the residents of Fulham, UK and nearby suburban cities.


Review by Cornwall, Fulham

“The whole experience was life-changing to say the least. With Mark's sessions, I found the clarity I was looking for in my . The practical strategies he shared helped me achieve personal goals I've been struggling with.”

Review by Bridget, Hammersmith

“Mark's coaching made me a lot more confident and self-aware. His approach was positive and made me feel comfortable discussing my issues. I highly recommend his sessions to anyone in need of a personal or professional change.”

Review by Orlando, Chelsea

“I struggled through a challenging time when I met Mark. His sessions helped me getting through it. He really listened, connected and suggested really pertinent solutions. Tremendously grateful!”

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