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Life Coaching : When to call a life coach?

In a complex and changing world where stress and uncertainty dominate, life coaching aims to empower you to regain control over your life and make your life more meaningful.

The life coach allows you to find solutions that are unique to you to help you achieve goals or solve various difficulties. It offers you different levels of intervention according to your needs and wishes:

Personal development

– Develop your talents (your qualities and your abilities)
– Know how to manage your emotions better
– Learn to know yourself better (needs, values, qualities, self-confidence)
– Improve your self-esteem and confidence
– Work on assertiveness (eg knowing how to say “yes” or “no” according to your feelings)

Help with solving a specific or daily problem:

– Relationship and communication difficulties
– Difficulties in managing certain emotional states (stress, anger, frustration)
– Lack of energy (fatigue, sleep problems)
– Lack of organisation (procrastination, time management problem)
– Low self-esteem (complex, shyness, feeling of rejection, difficulty in imposing oneself, integration problem within a group)

Everyone may encounter difficulties related to a change, expected or not, and coaching allows you to apprehend this new situation and restore a balance that was momentarily broken.

Help in driving change and decision making

– Personal (lose weight, create or participate in an event, new disciplines, find a healthy lifestyle)
– Family (engage or move forward in a relationship, start a family project)
– Management of a particular event (marriage, retirement, pregnancy, break-up, mourning, moving, accident, change of life, appearance)

Help with the realisation of a project

You will be accompanied in the realisation of your project after having identified with your objective(s). With a life coach, you will then define a plan together of actions necessary to reach your goal. To meet this challenge together,  you will overcome the blockages that are yours (it can be unconscious blockages).

Development and realisation of a life project

Your goal may be precise, but it may also be more general, so you might want to be “good”, “feel okay with yourself”, or “no longer suffer”.

The first basic step will be to discover and write your life plan. Through the definition of your project, you will be guided in the discovery of your needs, your passions and the values ​​which constitute the foundations of your being and your existence.

Building a full, harmonious life in line with your values ​​is a real challenge. To meet this challenge, you will be guided to overcome blockages or difficulties throughout the coaching process. Through questioning and unconditional support, you will define the concrete and realistic objectives that, once achieved, will contribute to the realisation of your life project.

According to your wishes, you may work with the following themes:

– Live an authentic and meaningful life, in accordance with your needs and values
– Listen to your deep needs
– Harmonise the various areas of your life (for example, find a balance between work and private life)
– Re-motivate, search for sources of weariness and restore meaning to your life
– Identify your talents and your strengths and optimize them
– Develop confidence in yourself and life in general
– Define realistic projects and action plans
– Create quality relationships (intimate, social or professional relationships)
– Put joy in your daily life and dare to do according to your heart

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Coaching is inspired by the reflections of the philosopher Frederick Hudson. According to him, life is a journey, without a point of arrival or lasting end, and we are constantly in motion. It is precisely adaptability to change that sometimes proves difficult. Historically, coaching is born from the request of people wishing to be helped at a specific moment of their evolution. A need that could not be answered by the usual psychotherapies.

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