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Listening: a key relational skill!

Has it ever happened to you that you did not feel listened to?
This situation is, after all, rather frustrating!
How did you feel then?
Anger? Frustration? Sadness? 
Could it be that when you do not listen to others, the person can feel the same thing, and that has a negative impact on your ?


Listening may be the most beautiful gift
That we can do to someone.
It's telling him, not with words
But with his eyes, his face, his smile
And all his body: you are important to me!
Listening is to start by keeping quiet
Listening is welcoming the other
With gratitude as he defines himself
Listening is not judging someone to be like this or that,
It's learning to discover its qualities
Which are specific to him.
It's open positively
To all ideas, to all subjects,
To all experiences,
To all solutions, without interpreting,
Without judging, leaving to the other his space
And the time to find the path that is his.
Be attentive to someone who suffers,
This is not giving a solution
Or an explanation for his suffering,
It allows him to say it and find
Himself his own way to free himself.
Listening is giving to the other
What we may never have been given:
Attention, time, an affectionate .

What if you listen differently?

Your mission, if you accept it, will be to find a situation in your daily life where you will take the time to listen to the other, for real, without interrupting him and not paying him attention.
Note what happens; what do I feel?
And what does this change in the relationship?
In addition, if you want to learn how to create and maintain quality relationships with others, you can go to a life .

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