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Man The F*CK Up!

It’s the age of Aquarius! 

It’s the rise of the feminine and beautifully we are seeing the fall of the patriarchy one dick pic at a time and thank God for that shit!

Before the mainstream religions we all lived in small communities and worshipped the Goddess (the womb) and finally we are seeing her timely resurgence, and not a moment too soon.

Our women are on the rise and we salute you!


Women and men alike are waking up to the power of the feminine, traits such as wisdom, kindness, empathy and communion will soon rule the day.  Prophesied for 1000s of years, this is the dawning of the golden age and to witness the old system crumble is a sight to behold. 

What needs to happen however, along with the empowerment of the feminine is the readdressing of the masculine. Life is about balance and what’s needed is not a dumbing down of all things manly but a realignment of what it is to be a man and a deeper understanding of the beauty of the masculine in all of us.

For many many years men have been living with a bastardized understanding of their masculinity and instead of being in support of the feminine, the go getter, the go “build it and they will come” energy in us all has been used to control, to manipulate and dumb down all that it fears.

Masculinity in men, all too often runs away from its emotions and vulnerability and replaces it instead with shallow displays of comradery, lacking in true affection and genuine support.

This coupled with the need to “Man up!” men have been pushed far too hard at times when what they most need is a hug and some mothers milk (love, empathy, kindness, support and to be truly heard).


Let’s not be so quick to push away all “Man up!” could possibly mean.

“Man up!” also at its core has drive, possibility, strength, joy, love and rising above our situation all intertwined within it.  There’s something so wonderful in standing up when every part of you is screaming “NO!” 

What we need however, is to find a new way for men to be in the world and especially within themselves.   

So what to do?

Let’s use this time of shifting landscapes, as a time to sift through all the crap.  Men need to turn to the sun, to look at themselves in the mirror and most of all be given the space to truly heal.

This healing of the masculine is something we are all responsible for for, men and women alike.  While the old oppressive system must fall, what needs to emerge and emerge it will, must come held in the love of the feminine, the feminine in all of us. 

In many ways masculinity is still in its infancy and needs the wisdom to the feminine to become the man it is destined to be.  A destiny that is bright and beautiful and simply can’t be realised without its feminine counterpart holding space and looking on lovingly as she herself rises like the phoenix from the ashes of the old system.  

And…in those times of difficulty, which change always has within it, while we are all healing, when all else seems lost, some space to let us all “man the fuck up!” is certainly a really healthy string to our bow as well.

We love you! 

The Hero’s Academy

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