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Personal Coaching and Personal Development

Do you need support to move forward in your life? 
Do you wish to see positive changes, to take a new step personally or professionally?
Do you want to get out of an uncomfortable situation ?
Have you ever considered Personal coaching?

In which situation should I call a coach?

The coach can accompany you with:

Your objective or your problem, related to your personal and / or professional life, new project of life/change of life, decision making, new career orientation ( and career assessment, CV, cover letter, interview), position taking, /self-esteem, managing emotions, letting go, optimised communication, , or any other situation for which you need guidance.

What is coaching ?

Coaching is a customised individualised accompaniment which, to achieve your goal, can enable you to:
Understand your operation and clarify your situation
Clearly define the direction in which you want to go
Lift blocking points that prevent you from reaching your goal
Make your resources and talents emerge

The coach is not:
A trainer: he does not dispense technical knowledge in order to develop the skills of the coach.
A consultant: the coach does not advise, does not give his opinion and does not provide an answer to the problem to his client; he helps him find the answers that are good for him.
A psychologist: the coach analyses the present to take the client to the future; the coach does not work as the psychologist and analyse the past. A psychologist answers the question “Why” and the coach to the question “How”.
A mentor/model: there is a tie between the coach and the coached; no notion of superiority.
A judge: the coach will not make any judgment whatsoever.
A “reporter”: the coach preserves the confidentiality of the information exchanged during a coaching session.

Where does coaching take place? 

It can be individual meetings, in offices, at home or outdoors (to be defined according to your wishes and possibilities). The duration, the frequency and the number of sessions will be defined together at the beginning of coaching, according to your needs. It can be a one-off session on a particular theme/a situation to unlock or get in-depth support on several sessions. In the latter case, the start of coaching will be formalised by the signing of a contract.

We offer you the opportunity to begin the sessions with a moment of meditation and have access to a massage chair and relaxing, promoting relaxation, to optimise the work done in session.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching can bring you:
A new vision on your situation
Practical and accessible tools
Better management of your emotions
An ability to mobilize your resources and manage certain situations
Serenity and meaning

What is image and communication consulting?

It's not a question of “Re-looking” but rather of “Good-looking”.
It's not about imposing fashion trends, but about learning to showcase your potential, your personality and your purpose.
It's not about feeling uncomfortable, it's about making you feel good!
The image consulting is articulated around three benefits :
Colorimetry: discover the colors that sublimate you.
The morpho-visagisme: study how to enhance your face with hairstyle, makeup, glasses and other accessories.
The morpho-silhouette: learn to feel good through clothing (shape, fabric, color) and accessories.

What are the benefits of image consulting?

Image consulting can bring you:
A new vision of your potential
Practical tips to learn how to showcase you
Better confidence

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