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We all struggle with life's demands at times, whether it's a lack of clarity, an overwhelming to do list or simply . Wouldn't it be great if we had someone to guide us through these moments, help us gain insights and ensure we are on the right path? Understandably, Middlesbrough residents, having a go-to person for life-changing advice isn't always feasible. This is where I step in as your online life coach. From the comfort of your living room, I provide you with the tools you need to take control of your life and unlock your true potential.

How Is the Session Conducted?

Each life coaching session is a one-on-one online chat. We connect virtually through an online meeting platform that is both secure and comfortable. The essence of these deep-diving conversations is to uncover the foundation of your challenges and desires. Comprehensive and inspiring, these digital exchanges bring you face to face with the parts of you that need the most nurturing and development.

Expected Results

Many people in Middlesbrough who've tried my life coaching sessions have found their way in life. Being stuck in a rut only remains a dark patch in their journey, not their destination. Some of the expected outcomes include—

• Improved self-esteem and confidence.
• Enhanced discipline and focus.
• Clarity around personal and professional goals.
• Wholesome self-love and personal welfare.
• Ability to handle life's unpredictability with grace.

Identifying Personal Issues

The focus during these sessions usually targets issues ranging from personal growth, self-esteem, goal-setting, to managing life change and transitions.

Who Is This Session For?

These sessions are designed for anyone in Middlesbrough and beyond who feels stuck emotionally or professionally. If you feel that there's something more for you in life, but can't seem to get there, these sessions are for you.

Duration of the Session

Each session runs for about 60 minutes, providing ample time for us to dig deep and work towards the heart of your issues.

Are There Any Contraindications?

Life coaching isn't a remedy for mental health conditions. If you're struggling with such problems, it's important to seek appropriate medical support. Otherwise, if you're looking for strategic guidance and emotional uplifting, you're in the right place.

FAQ About Life Coaching

Is Online Life Coaching As Effective As In-Person Sessions?

Yes, delivers the same level of support as traditional face-to-face sessions, with added of convenience and flexibility.

Is Life Coaching Similar To Therapy?

While both aim to improve quality of life, life coaching is more future-focused, while therapy often explores past experiences and traumas.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Duration of life coaching varies from person to person. Some might need a few sessions while others might benefit from a long-term arrangement.

Is Life Coaching Confidential?

Yes, all sessions are strictly confidential and conducted in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Can Life Coaching Help Me Achieve My Goals?

Absolutely. One of the core focuses of life coaching is helping individuals set achievable goals and guide them towards success.


Rachel from Middlesbrough

“I was skeptical about online life coaching, but my doubts faded quickly with Mark. He helped me gain clarity about my career, and now I feel unstoppable. Highly recommend!”

Calvin from Thornaby-on-Tees

“Mark's sessions have provided a positive turn to my life. He's my go-to person whenever I get stuck. I can't thank him enough!”

Darlene from Redcar

“It's been a beautiful journey with Mark. From not knowing what I want, to now pursuing my passion confidently, I've come a long way!”

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