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Psych-k is an amazing tool that has had a profound effect on my life. Used to reprogram the subconscious mind, the Psych-K technique unearths and removes limiting beliefs that are holding you back and replaces them with enhancing beliefs, meaning that you’ll begin to experience benefits from the very first session.

During my time as a practitioner, I’ve discovered that the greatest determinant of success, and the level of success achieved, are the beliefs that we hold about ourselves and about how wonderful life can be. Now consider that the majority of these beliefs are actually created in the first seven years of our lives! It is therefore true to say that our experiences and relationships at this young age, whether we remember them in detail or not, have shaped our lives profoundly. And that is why many people feel as though they’re repeating the same patterns in life over and over again and unable to figure out why.

What’s a limiting belief?

An example of a limiting belief is “I doubt myself”. This belief could have become ingrained in childhood as a result of consistently receiving critical feedback from a person in authority. With Psych-K, we can move from “I doubt myself” to “I believe in myself.” When we do this, what appears as a subtle shift in energy in the moment, gives rise to a deep knowing, calm confidence and quiet belief in our abilities. As a result the outcomes we begin to see in life are very, very different. This is because how we show up, how we communicate and how we convey ourselves to people around us, comes from a much more secure space within us, which enables us to be the best we can be in any situation.

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Ready to reset?

The reason I love Psych-K so much is that it has helped me gain such a deep understanding of who I truly am and improve my relationship with life immeasurably.

And because it’s had such a positive effect on my life, it’s become part of my mission to help others go on that journey themselves. It’s the journey of self-acceptance, success, love and self-actualization. It’s the only game in town!

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