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Spiritual Yes, Spiritual No, Spiritual F*ck off!

Morning team!

This blog does exactly what it says on the tin.  

For so many of us, a life of looking out for others, serving the world and being kind to everyone except ourselves (please check your self-talk this morning as an example) is all too easy.  While of course there are aspects of altruism at the core of many of these actions, there can also be elements of unworthiness and a call to be loved deeply rooted in many of our motivations.  

Many of us long to serve the world but all too often we are coming from a place of need and thus even in our giving there is a sense of emptiness.  

Any so we propose a radical-ish change in direction, in short, a super huge “yes” to yourself first.  It can feel quite unnatural initially but with a full, overflowing glass, when we do act towards others our actions are informed with a fullness and are interestingly coming from a place of far far deeper authenticity.

And so we give you the The Hero’s Academy’s 3 step magic plan to a life of fulfillment, celebration, joy and success, in essence:

The spiritual yes, the spiritual no and the spiritual f*ck off

The way of the hungry bear…

1) The Spiritual Yes

This one is amazing! 

This is the yes we say to life when we decide to really start living.

It’s the yes to our mission here on the planet.

It’s the yes to going out when you’re feeling lazy and you end up meeting that super cute guy/girl at the yoga centre.

It’s the yes, to having fun, dancing and loving it all when you so easily could feel insecure and hide in the crowd.

It’s the yes to being really attentive to your needs and desires in this world and becoming your own best friend.  

Ultimately, it’s saying a big, huge “YES!” to you.

The universe is ever expanding and so are we.  Our knowledge, wisdom, bodies, personalities, relationships and tastes are ever evolving and this spiritual yes is all about being in flow, in alignment with our core desire to live, to really live and experience the fullness of this magical life.

To get out and rip shit up!

Question 1 therefore is: where in your life do you need to be saying “YES!” much much more?

2) The Spiritual No

This one’s great and can be summed up in one infinitely important word: boundaries.

Gotta love ‘em!

The spiritual no, especially when delivered with firm gentleness is a great way of expressing to the people in your life and yourself what you are willing to do/experience and what you aren’t.

Once you get past the initial wierd of being more self-expressive and start speaking your truth it feels great!  It’s a wonderful way of really honouring yourself and through healthy boundaries we start to see an almost instant dynamic shift in our personal and professional relationships.

By saying no to what doesn’t make your heart sing/feel right to you, you are really saying yes to yourself and this is a massively important step.

The key here is balance…

By saying “yes” to what you do want and “no” to what you don’t, we start to move in the direction that feels most authentic and in alignment with our true calling in the world.

While of course, we cohabit this wonderful planet and we must always be mindful of the needs to others and never be too rigid, putting ourselves first in this way is really important

Next question, you guessed it: where is your life do you need to be saying no, more?

3) The Spiritual F*ck OFF!

This is a classic and a wonderful gift for yourself.

In many of our lives there are people/situations that simply don’t honour the magnificence of who you are and continually cross already well constructed boundaries time and time again. 

This could be the always absent friend, the energy draining in-laws, the handsy boss as prime examples.  

As simple test is to see how your body reacts internally when you think about that person or situation and then think about whether having them in your life truly serves you.  You’ll know pretty quick!

The spiritual fuck-off is literally either telling them straight that “shit aint cool” or simply cutting them off from your life.

It’s certainly not about running from issues and (it’s really important to decipher which it is before acting), not at all, but if there are toxic people/situations in your life that need to go, do it! Literally do it!

It feels so good, so free, so amazing to let go of all the bullshit once and for all.

It’s brave, it hurts a bit and it can fell a bit lonely at first as we have gotten use to that crap but it’s soooooooooooooooooooooo good!

Do it!!!

Question 3: we’re guessing you already know what question 3 is…

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