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What is a Life Coach?

What is a life coach?

Life coaching is about a personalised session where you guide the one being coached during the process of change, at a key moment in his or her life, to the complete achievement of his or her precise objectives.

What can a life coach help you with?

– manage your stress
– prepare for retirement
– to give a New chance to couples
– learn to better communicate with the others
overcome the loss of a loved one
– to choose the right orientation, professionally (for students too))
– learn to manage your emotions: anger, anxiety

In the professional world, coaching becomes an indispensable aid to advance individuals in key positions. It allows to unlock conflict situations. It can be practiced as a team or individually depending on the needs of the company. Managers can also find important support in the communication with their employees. Coaching allows you to advance and to more easily grasp your difficulties and to make your projects realisable. Positivism is an important part of a goal’s success as well as questioning.

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