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What is NLP coaching?

What is neurolinguistic programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) focuses on achieving the highest results in life by realising one’s potential. Its creators, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, model the strategies of successful and exceptional people, encode them into specific models, and enable us to apply them personally and professionally.

NLP is an approach that examines the connections between the way a person’s body, physiology and brain work (neuro), the words and verbal behavior used (linguistics) and the patterns of thinking and action, the patterns of behavior (programming). NLP is a set of working models of business and psychology, neuroscience, linguistics and includes a cognitive-behavioral approach.

NLP Coaching models can be applied effectively in any field:

Business management, trade, negotiations, business coaching, personal relationships and bringing up children, life coaching, sports and the motivation of athletes, teaching, training, human resources: management, motivation and career planning.

NLP is a success model leading a person to effective communication, authentic leadership, and to big opportunities for self-realisation. NLP focuses on looking at the world beyond one’s own perspective, communication at the highest levels, exceeding the boundaries of limiting beliefs and the development of leadership potential!

What is coaching?

Coaching is the highest form of potential development. Coaching is a set of skills that help a person reach the decisions and strategies necessary for the best performance in their life. Coaching is a highly effective process. Especially in a dynamic environment of constant change and evolving competition while working under great stress. Coaching is a creative process of partnership, inspiring a person to improve massively. It encourages people to find new opportunities and perspectives in their team and the market as a whole, increasing both personal and professional capacity for performance and to develop the strengths needed to be a leader.

Who is NLP Coaching for?

The people who successfully apply Neuro Linguistic Programming in their practice are those who wanted to enter the world of successful business, positive psychology, and the art of effective communication. NLP has a real added value in our personal lives – deeply listening and understanding loved ones, goal setting, achieving dreams, and in our professional lives – team and project management, conflict resolution, crisis management, negotiation, and leadership in business.

In addition, participants in NLP courses and individual coaching sessions with NLP gain extensive practical experience on how to be successful coaches using NLP models and coaching skills.

NLP coaching is for people who:

  • Believe that you can achieve more in business and life
  • Want and know that you will be able to overcome the limitations and challenges you face
  • Feel your inner strength and resources and want to develop them to the highest level
  • Strive for achievements in your professional and personal life
  • Want to increase your company’s revenues through improved sales skills and customer relationships
  • Want to communicate more effectively with family, friends, colleagues and clients
  • Want to be authentic leaders and managers, to lead and be followed, to inspire and motivate using an effective model of goal setting and delegation
  • Want to achieve a balance between their personal and professional life, to live in flow, setting realistic and inspiring goals
  • Want to design a creative space for innovation
  • Believe that success is not magic and you can achieve it with effort, action and perseverance

It is also for you if you are a:

  • Coach, trainer, mentor, presenter, human resources specialist, wanting to integrate NLP models in your practice
  • Business manager who wants to have an authentic leadership style focused on innovation, motivation and inspiration
  • A manager who wants to apply the coaching approach to their team
  • A trader working with clients in the direction of choosing the optimal option according to their needs, emotions and desires
  • A parent who wants to develop the potential of their children in the direction of creativity, making the right choices, in-depth and analytical thinking and decision making
  • Sports coach, whose coaching skills will help to effectively train and develop potential
  • A person who wants to develop and strive for excellence

When practicing NLP Coaching models professionally, with your team, during meetings, negotiations or in person, you can:

  • Set inspiring and motivating goals leading to concrete results
  • Expand your ability to build trust with others and harmonious communication
  • Recognise the power of non-verbal communication, you communicate greatly through gestures and facial expressions
  • Master communication on a paraverbal level – tone, speed, voice intonation
  • Master the fine details of speech, deepening relationships with customers, teams and audiences

Think at the process level and at the content level :

  • Recognise the unconscious strategies, thinking and behaviour of the people around you
  • Recognise the values ​​and intentions of key team members and build your relationships with them
  • Give constructive feedback with a focus on the future, which encourages team members to deal with challenges

Through communication find the team members resources needed to achieve an optimal solution based on your ideals

  • Acquire coaching skills: for listening and asking questions, for challenging, for curiosity
  • Master the art of strong questions and coaching models
  • Change your own state of mind and that of the team or your audience
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and be able to reach your potential
  • Create a sense of present and future, challenge your client to visualise, feel emotions and focus in a direction of your choice

And more too:

  • Achieve a balance between personal and you professional life
  • Become an “agent of change” (John Grinder)
  • Discover new opportunities in critical situations, achieve your dreams in business and life
  • Overcome obstacles and challenges with ease
  • Communicate effectively with your team, friends and family
  • See the “global picture” at the strategic level during negotiations and at the same time work with the details at the operational level

Focus on the choices in a given situation

  • Delegate based on specific criteria.
  • Redirect tasks according to precise and specific criteria that lead to the highest outcome
  • Inspire the confidence in colleagues so that they know they can achieve anything they want