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What is the purpose of a life coach?

A life coach – what for?

You may think that you can solve your problems alone and that the only coach you need is yourself. Yet in a delicate moment in your life, such as a move, separation, dismissal or change of work, you may want to receive outside advice, or support from someone who is not directly involved with your situation.

This is where the life coach comes in: he intervenes on concrete problems, helps you identify the changes and gives you the means to achieve your goals.

If you feel stuck in a situation that does not suit you, your coach will help you negotiate a life change and how to move on. In summary, using a life coach allows you to draw the future that suits you.

How does coaching work?

The first session aims above all to get to know your coach and tell him about your needs. Together, you identify the coaching goals and the means you are ready to implement to achieve them.

During the following sessions, your coach will help you answer your own questions, thanks to different techniques: NLP, Gestalt therapy, hypnosis, relaxation, etc. Be careful, your coach is not here to “heal” you: in the manner of a sports coach, he is there to help you find the resources and creativity that will allow you to solve your own difficulties.

Coaching, unlike therapy, can be very short: a few months, one session per week, one session every two weeks, even one session per month. Sometimes it takes very little to remove blockages! 

How to choose your life coach

Life coaching is open to everyone, and is not reserved for people with any disorder. Your coach is not a therapist. He is future-oriented, while the therapist is there to help you heal the wounds of the past.

If your goal is to regain your positive energy to move forward, choose a life coach. Do not hesitate to contact several life coaches.

You should also know that in France, the title of life coach is not subject to obtaining specific diplomas: think well to learn about the experience and techniques of a coach, before asking for life coach services.

And as in all areas, rely first and foremost on the coaches you are recommended to by friends!

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