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Why Call a Coach?

Coaching is a process of accompaniment, valid for both individuals and groups, which helps you achieve goals more quickly.

If you want to be autonomous, that is to say to make your own choices and in respect of your own balance, the coach is there to guide you.

The role of the coach is to question his client so as to make him realise what prevents him/her from achieving its objectives, and guiding towards its solutions and success.

Depending on the purpose, the coach deploys the tools and methods to guide the client to define the actions to be taken and solve the problems encountered. In this sense, coaching is always tailored, for as long as the number of sessions are required, and depending on the issues raised by the client, whether personal or professional.

The coach is a professional who will listen and help you with relationships. He or she will accompany you on the way that you wish.

A coach is not an adviser, and does not intervene in your choices. Qualified to accompany an individual or a group in the achievement of his objectives, the coach is in this sense a specialist in human resources. 

By accompanying a person in the management of change who are on his way, the coach helps him use his resources, sometimes unsuspected, sometimes hidden under limited beliefs, and thus overcome the obstacles encountered, often by adopting new behaviours. The coach conducts a powerful questioning that generates awareness, which is the first step of the desired evolution.

A coach is not a therapist.

In coaching, the past only interests us as an example, these are our behaviours as they affect the expected results that matter to us; how do these results satisfy our values; how can we change our behaviour, our trust in ourselves, our relationships to others, to the world.

Professional coaching is for anyone who wishes to progress in the professional world, or to tackle a difficult situation at work.

Within the company, a superior often hires a coach for one or more members of his team, to accompany someone in his new job, to allow the potential to flourish and to achieve his goals.

In this context, a tripartite contract is established between the company, the coach and the coached, setting the objectives to be achieved in the coaching process and the expected result indicators.

Coaching teams also allow organisations to put in place solutions co-constructed to make a team perform better, strengthen its cohesion, achieve production or strategic objectives, co-build a vision of the future, accompany changes, at different scales of the organisation.

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