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You Are Your Own Fake News Reporter

This one’s huge! (HUUUUUUUUGGEE)

We’re currently bombarded with news, fake news, real news, news news and our favourite, local news.  And yes while most of it is complete nonsense, what is even more ridiculous is the collective addiction to it.

News seems to find its way into our day to day in infinite numbers of ways and for the majority it leaves us feeling empty and powerless to act.

However, there is one fake news reporter that is paid overtime in our lives and that reporter works for a station called: Your mind.

The relationship between consciousness and mind is an interesting one and a great analogy for it is one of the cinema.

If we imagine our consciousness to be a stream of intelligence, then it’s very much like the projector of a cinema.  This projector is forever shining on, creating and renewing our lives and one of its greatest desires is to continually birth our reality anew in each and every moment.  


Here’s the kicker.

Our beliefs and  “truths” we uphold are like the lens.  Thus, whatever we believe in our conscious and subconscious minds to be true becomes our personal reality.

The great minds of NLP tell us “The map is not the territory,” that in essence what we feel is true in the world, isn’t actually how life is but instead a combination of our beliefs and conditioning that were impressed upon us in the first few years of our lives.

Our own personal fake news reporter.

For the sake of argument let’s call this reporter “The Donald”.

The Donald is constantly seeking to recreate our truths in our physical experience.

If life is “tough” and “Dave doesn’t like me,” guess what, a tough life and Dave being a number 1 assh*le seems to be occuring again and again and so….we need to break for the border.

We’ve found a couple of great ways that really help and we’d love to share them!

  • Loving your inner child 

Yep, there’s that term again.

Scary, sad, hurtful experiences as a kid create deeply entrenched beliefs about life and often our negative thinking, fears and reactions can come up when really, it’s this part of ourselves shouting “what about me!”

In our moments of deep insecurity, projection and fear we have a chance to re-frame that experience as an opportunity to practise self-love and care.

  • Meditation
  • Affirmations 
  • Envisioning the little you and giving her/him lots of love and attention really works – big cosmic hug is key!

What happens therefore, is we begin to take the charge our of our pain response and this is key.  We begin to use our moments of sadness and fear to really love ourselves rather than pushing away this “bad bit” of our minds.

2) Learning from the greats

Massively important!

There is a world of incredible philosophy out there to draw from.

One of our all time favourites is Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now.  We literally love him!

Check out the book or if you can, get the audiobook and dive in.  There’s’ nothing like being on a commute to work where everyone is hating on the day, filling themselves with the world’s “news” and instead of following suit, you can just drop into conscious awareness and bliss that shit up!

YouTube is your best friend here.

Top diving board it, check out some links and you’ll find whatever makes your heart sing.

It’s about making the choice to fill your life with great audio, books, YouTube, relationships and thoughts that continue to serve your growth.  This is totally within your power!

Life is literally as magical as we allow it to be and if we can embrace all of ourselves, even the angry, sad bits and continue to learn how to detach from the crazy, then we really are on the way to a much more fulfilling, hilarious and beautiful life.

Let’s do this!

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