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Your Hero’s Journey! It’s time!

Is there a more beautiful possibility in life than walking your own hero’s journey? 

Life is such a wonderful mix of joy, pain, love, loss, celebration and aloneness and what has the possibility to rise out of the ashes of experience is a calling so deep within every one of us that wants nothing more than to expand, to soar, to love, to cherish and turn to our fearful self and say “You’re coming with me kid!”

When we look back at our lives, one of the most important questions we all need to face is:

“Did i really live? Really really live?”

There’s a funny saying in life: I was born ready.

It’s funny because it’s true.

We’re all born ready, then a combination of our conditioning, fear and shame teach us to doubt our calling, our want to love, to express our yearnings, our desires and our wishes and to fit into a self-governing society that’s forgotten it’s inherent power and beauty.

Deep within us all lays for a time a dormant possibility.  A whisper of greatness, a seed that desires nothing more than to take root and flower in this magnificent life.

That seed is connected to the infinite field of possibility, life’s thirst for itself, a stream of intelligence we call consciousness and when the right conditions are met that seed has the opportunity to blossom, to bear fruit and share it’s gift with the world.

One of the greatest qualities of love is its innate desire to reveal the greatest vision of itself to the world.

This can be seen and felt as the calling we all have within us, within every cell of our being.

Once we begin to say “Yes!” to life, to this emergence, everything begins to change.

This “Yes!” is following moment to moment what feels most expensive, most exciting and opening in the body and heart.  

It’s giving yourself time to formulate your life vision and start living it.  

It’s looking in the face of your doubters and saying, “you’re cool” and then getting on with it regardless.  

It’s looking yourself in the mirror through the eyes of compassion and kindness.

And ultimately…

It’s becoming the instrument of love and service in the world you were born to be.

Life loves us so much and it’s designed to help us win.

When we set our sails, look for the greatest possibility moment to moment and have the courage to step out on our hero’s journey, life becomes magical, loving and possible.

At times it will hurt, really really hurt as life will burn away all that is not love.

All of this happens so we can find within us that beautiful calling and let that ever powerful, infinite voice set your life on fire.

Because in truth, is there really anything else?

It’s time!

It’s time!

It’s time!

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