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Life Coaching in London and Online

Welcome to The Hero’s Academy, I’m really pleased you’re here.

We are all blessed with unlimited potential, yet the majority of us feel stuck in our lives; certainly in our minds.  The beauty of it all is that this is just our conditioning.

The keys to our success, along with our personal development and talents, are the beliefs we hold about ourselves, our lives and how high we can fly.

This is exactly where we are going to work together in our coaching sessions.

Create the Most Positive Mindset

Finding Your Calling, Your Purpose

Designing Your Life, On Your Terms


Our focus together will be to:

Create the most confident and successful mindset addressing belief systems (Psych-K) and exploring consciousness, the space beyond the thinking mind.

Finding your calling, your purpose, by cultivating presence and accessing the deeper source of creativity and knowing within you.

Designing your life, with supportive guidance to ensure you continue to grow on your terms.

I created this unique technique having spent 10 years learning and practicing disciplines including Psych K (psychological kinesiology – belief change), NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), life coaching, energy healing, meditative practice, and mindfulness.

We are all born to be great, to live the fullest most satisfying lives, materially, emotionally, and spiritually, and this is exactly what the Academy is here for!


Your journey is entirely personal and our sessions together will be tailored specifically to you, to ensure you have the best life coaching experience possible.

We are all born with a desire to expand, to create and to master ourselves and this is exactly why the academy has been created; to support you in becoming the greatest version of yourself and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

There are 3 key stages to everyone’s Hero’s journey and this can be seen in all stories of greatness from the life of Buddha to even Neo in the Matrix.

Stage 1

The Calling

Becoming aware that change needs to happen,
that the way in which you live no longer supports
the size of your dreams and what you know
yourself to be capable of.

London life coaching sessions steps

Stage 2

The Calling

This is the great transformation, the awakening
to a whole new way of living, a transcendence
of fear and stepping into the powerful being
you were born to become.

London life coaching sessions steps

Stage 3

The Return

Living a life of authenticity and purpose. Every interaction
and decision is now coming from a deeper place of self,
a more powerful and successful way of being
in the world. Living the life you were always destined to have.

London life coaching sessions steps


Throughout our time together, we will use a combination of life coaching techniques, NLP, mindfulness practise and the magic key to it all: Psych-K, subconscious belief change to align your mind with the most enhancing ideas and thoughts of your choosing.

When we define our vision, create a growth mindset and take action, we move into the role of creator and everything we dream of becomes our reality.

There are six key techniques we’ll use to help you move your life forward


I love to fully express myself. The key for me is celebrating this wonderful life, truly living on purpose, that’s what makes my soul sing!

I spent over 10 years working in the corporate world, running an event management company in central London and so I really do understand the pressures many of my clients experience. I am now a master of 5 schools of Reiki, a fully qualified life coach, NLP and Advanced Psych-K practitioner and I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them live the greatest vision of their lives.

This path has been calling to me all of my life and my Hero’s Journey began when I chose to step onto this path and ultimately to live and breathe my practice.

I’m 100% committed to my work, I love it and I welcome you wholeheartedly to The Hero’s Academy.

I’m looking forward to meeting you,



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    Gifted Healer

    Mark is an incredibly gifted healer and coach. He understood me and my needs deeply and instantly helped with rapid belief change accompanied with self-empowering coaching. Mark is a real gem who assists in a fun, impactful and warm manner. I am exceptionally grateful for how he enabled me to open up, thrive and feel connected with my purpose.

    Dr Anu Patel

    GP & Co-founder, One World Medical

    A Life-Transforming Experience

    I can recommend Mark to anyone who is seeking an energy that really sees you and can guide you on your journey towards healing. Thanks Mark, truly, for all the help, personal attention, time and effort you have put in to making my life a more enlightened one. I feel very blessed, lucky and grateful to have met you.


    CEO Juica

    Transformative Journey

    Wow wow wow… what an epic journey! Mark is a uniquely intuitive, wise and gifted coach- his work has enabled me to understand and change my patterns with such power and ease. After only a few weeks I’m already watching my life shift in new positive ways and I feel lighter and more empowered than ever before. I can’t thank you enough Mark- incredible stuff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insight, care, skill and humour.

    Louisa Dellabarca

    Founder, In The Room
    The Hero's Academy
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