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Welcome to The Hero’s Academy, I’m really pleased you’re here.

Psych-K® has had such a profound effect on my life and it feels great to be able to help people really become free in their thinking and in their day to day lives.

We are all born with unlimited potential and its through social conditioning that we forget how powerful, successful and happy we can be in the world. It’s a natural process that is universal as we learn behaviours growing up that don’t honour our true calling which for many is to live the greatest vision of our lives.

I’ve spent the last 20 years studying the mind and the last decade in clinic focused on helping clients reach their full potential and live lives filled with joy, love, financial abundance and the magic keys to it all: self-belief and self-acceptance. I’ve studied Life Coaching, NLP, Reiki, EFT and many forms of meditative practice and it’s Psych-K® that has by far had the most powerful effect on my life and the lives of all of my clients.

So the question is…

What is Psych-K®?

95% of our brain activity (actions, beliefs, thoughts) comes from our subconscious. This part of mind can process information a million times faster than the conscious mind. So for all of us, our perceptions, thoughts & actions come from a space that usually we not in control of. This is the reason why it is essential to access our unconscious in order to profoundly change the way we think and act. If the beliefs we hold are limiting, they inhibit our communication, relationships, creativity and health. What’s wonderful about this process is that we can change our beliefs at the level of the subconscious and truly take charge of our lives.

In essence, Psych-K® is the tool that lets us truly realise ourselves.

Psych-K® is a powerful tool

Psych-K® is a process that allows you to rewrite the software of your mind and thus transform your life. This tool goes beyond standard methods of visualization, willpower and positive thinking. Through an entirely non-invasive process we can removing any limiting beliefs of your choosing and replace them with enhancing ones thus seeing results from the very first session!

Psych-K® is an innovative approach that is:

  • All led from the client’s end, you decide exactly what you want to change
  • Reduces your stress and anxiety hugely
  • Opens the mind to find new ways to become increasingly successful and financially abundant
  • Promotes your well-being
  • Has been the subject of numerous scientific studies.

What do we mean by beliefs?

Beliefs are those little voices in your head, views in your mind that make you think that you are able o not able to do certain things, that you are competent or incompetent, kind or hateful etc

These beliefs are conclusions that we draw from our education, our lived experiences and what we hear and see. They are recorded in our hard drive (subconscious), and will determine our behaviour massively, it’s the reason we often find ourselves running into the same walls over and over again! These programmed beliefs will influence your life, your moods, your relationships and your self-esteem.

It is therefore essential to reprogram certain beliefs to lead a happier life!

How does our brain work?

Our brain is made up of two hemispheres, each with its own ‘specificity’. Each hemisphere controls, processes information and solves problems. These two hemispheres communicate permanently with each other. This cooperation is essential for us to solve the challenges of everyday life. In essence, the left hemisphere controls our rational behaviour, while the right hemisphere determines our creativity, intuition, and emotional behaviour. If our two hemispheres are in “good balance” then we are functioning optimally.

Sadly, experiences throughout our lives cause one of the two hemispheres to dominate. The greater the emotional load associated with a certain situation in the past, the greater the chance that it will serve as a reference when you find yourself in a similar situation. It is automatically the same hemisphere that reacts, as a result, we no longer live our full potential, which leaves us in many cases, just surviving rather than truly living!

How does Psych-K® work?

Thanks to Psych-K® we can improve the communication between your two hemispheres and access more potential to meet the challenges of everyday life. In this case, you act, react and communicate in an appropriate manner.

Psych-K® helps you communicate with your subconscious. By using your two hemispheres in a unified way, and not just the dominant hemisphere, we enter a whole brain state here reprogramming our minds becomes far easier and we can replace old limiting beliefs with new life enhancing ones in minutes.

How to communicate with the subconscious?

Psych-K® uses:

Muscle testing interface between body and mind (kinesiology) to access our stresses and subconscious blockages and then specific postures or movements integrating the two cerebral hemispheres to create rapid and lasting changes in just a few minutes.

In short: PSYCH-K® helps you create your life, with complete peace of mind. Whatever is difficult and heavy for you and what causes you stress, you can transform it so that it becomes easy and light, restful and free.

I run sessions from my clinics in Primrose Hill and Marylebone and also see clients all of the world on Skype/Zoom.

To find out more about my life coaching programme check out the link here:

Best way to get hold of me is either on the phone: +44(0)7949056111 or email:

I’m looking forward to connecting.

Mark Collin

The Hero's Academy
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